What is Linchpin Touch?

Your intranet on the bulletin board – easy to maintain, intuitive and up-to-date

Structure of Touch

What used to be reserved for those with PC workstations is now accessible to all: important news, interesting information, safety regulations, job ads or even the current menu.

Give your employees direct access to company information during everyday work. Take advantage of the wide range of applications of Linchpin Touch – whether in on the shop floor, in canteens or reception areas. Individually decide which information you want to display for your specific location.

Atlassian Confluence

The foundation for Linchpin Touch is Atlassian Confluence. All contents of Linchpin Touch are Confluence content and do not need to be processed additionally – they are automatically available. Which areas should be accessible to the touch devices, can be conveniently controlled via the Confluence permissions. The Linchpin macros are specially prepared for Touch, e.g. To reduce the options to enter data, since no keyboard is connected and no specific user is logged in.

Technical Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  • screens with a processor equivalent to Intel Core i3
  • hardware with an infrared or capacitive sensor technology
  • A full-HD resolution of the screens (16: 9 / 1920×1080 pixels) is essential
  • Google Chrome 56+ browser on the selected hardware

Software requirements (minimum requirements)

  • Windows 7, OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or Linux distributions in the LTS
  • Linchpin Touch requires Confluence version 5.10 or higher


Since the Linchpin touch device is not located in a specific workplace, but primarily in factory halls, canteens, etc., it is available to every employee. The pure use of the system is anonymous and not personalized. Personalization happens via the displayed contents based on the settings in the respective add-ons. Thus, departments or locations will receive the relevant notifications and news on the respective touch device.

Corporate Design

Linchpin Touch can be used independently of Linchpin for your wiki – there is no extra effort. Corporate design as well as content are directly pulled from your social intranet. With the use of Linchpin you get an individual theme in the corporate design of the company. This not only improves the user-friendliness of the system at critical points, but also increases acceptance among the employees and promotes identification with the application.

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Advantages at a glance

Project Costs

When purchasing the license for the first time, you receive an unlimited license to use the software. In addition, you will receive a one-year license support (12 months) through Atlassian, which will give you access to support and software updates. After this support period of 12 months, you can continue to use the software without restrictions. However, you will longer receive support and updates. Optionally, you can extend the support period. Since Atlassian continues to develop the software, more than 80% of our customers choose to extend.

Read here whether you qualify for purchasing an academic license.

Maximum security

Linchpin Touch ensures that any movements remain within your system. External sites such as Youtube, Amazon and Co. are not available. Also the editing or commenting on posts by users is not possible on the touch device thanks to the implementation of the Hide-from-Touch macro.

Easy to use

There are many intranets that are cumbersome and complicated to use. Linchpin Touch, on the other hand, is lean, straightforward and intuitive and is developed based on the findings of user experience research. This makes Linchpin Touch easy to use. Linchpin Touch has a sidebar, a footer and interactive controls. You can navigate between the individual pages via touch gestures.

Expertise in the entire Touch project

With //SEIBERT/MEDIA as a project partner, Linchpin-Touch projects not only have comparatively short throughput times, they also come from a single source. We support your project from consulting and design through UX design and visual design to professional programming with iteratively delivered results. And even after delivery, we do not leave you alone, and we would be pleased to support you with tailor-made rollout strategies.

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System cooperation

Cooperation with Rentouch

In cooperation with the Swiss manufacturer Rentouch, we offer customers to use a FlexTouch, a large touch screen device, to advertise for their Intranet project within their organization for a limited time. The device with a functional intranet prototype can be placed in a highly frequented area (for example, a canteen or foyer), allowing the employees to get in touch with the new intranet from the beginning.

For more information, please visit our Rentouch MegaTouchscreens Overview.

Interested in a prototype in your company?

Currently, we are still developing “Linchpin Touch” and are looking for existing Linchpin customers who are interested in a prototype or who wish to enter into a development partnership with us.

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