What is Linchpin Mobile?

Access your Social Intranet – anytime, anywhere

Structure of the App

Large parts of our work and private life are already digitized and available on mobile – intranet systems have often not been able to keep up with this fast development of the past years. With Linchpin Mobile, your company now has the opportunity to bring the entire intranet onto the smartphones and tablets of your employees as a mobile-optimized app. This means that your company not only reaches the entire workforce (including all colleagues in the production or in the field), but also offers the employees an attractive and modern way to retrieve knowledge and stay informed about current topics. The employees are independent of the time and place – all they need is an Android or Apple device and Linchpin Mobile. It’s that easy!

Your intranet is with you at all times

Atlassian Confluence is the foundation for Linchpin Mobile, accessing Confluence via the app is one of the key features. Connect the app on the employee’s mobile device to the instance of your organization to grant access to all pages and information.

Linchpin Mobile is thus the gateway to your Confluence on the go. Searching for content, reading Confluence pages and leaving comments – it is all possible with Linchpin Mobile in a simple and intuitive way! Not only do you allow your employees to access relevant information when needed, but also give them the opportunity to interact with their peers.

Does your company run several Confluence systems for different target groups – for example an intranet and an extranet? With Linchpin Mobile you can easily manage all logins and switch between systems. And if you want to add a new system, our modern login procedures quickly lead you to the goal.

And best of all, Linchpin Mobile is the only native mobile app to offer access to Confluence server systems – even if they are behind a firewall.

Linchpin for your pocket

In addition to accessing the contents of the Confluence system, Linchpin Mobile offers mobile optimized access to the functionality of your Linchpin intranet suite:

  • Distribute corporate messages to your employees via mobile devices! Build on your existing news configuration and provide selected news for mobile.
  • Enable your employees to access topic- or project-specific microblogs, which promote communication and collaboration.
  • Support your employees’ communication processes by providing mobile access to phone numbers, email addresses, messenger contact information, team information, as well as any additional information.

Important: In order to make full use of these functionalities, you must license the respective plugins of the Linchpin suite. Using Linchpin Mobile to access your Confluence however is also possible without licensing additional plugins.

Extensive Personalization

Based on the settings in your Confluence system (i.e. installed Linchpin Plugins, mobile specific configuration) as well as the respective user profile (location, department, etc.), Linchpin Mobile will adapt the main navigation and certain areas of the app. It is thus possible to deliver specifically tailored content to all employees and to offer an individual user experience. Administration and updating of mobile content happens the way your employees are used to – comfortably within your Confluence.

Corporate Design

With Linchpin you get an individual theme in the corporate design of the company. This not only improves the user-friendliness of the system at critical points, but also increases the acceptance among the employees and promotes identification with the application. There is no additional effort for Linchpin Mobile. The corporate design, just like the content, is drawn directly from your social intranet.

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Advantages at a glance

If you choose Linchpin Mobile, you will be able to benefit from low project costs, an absolutely secure and easy-to-use intranet system for the go and an experienced project partner.

Low project costs

Linchpin Mobile is available from a 10 user license. By purchasing the license, you receive the user license for one year, which gives you access to support and software updates. Following this support period of 12 months, you have the option to renew the license for 50% of the purchase price. Whether you are qualified to purchase an academic license..

Maximum security

All connections are encrypted according to current standards (HTTPS). Through end-to-end encryption between Mobile App and Linchpin, neither //SEIBERT/MEDIA nor a potential attacker is able to steal data from Linchpin. To save license costs, it is not necessarily required for the app user to have an account in your user directory (Active Directory or similar). By omitting a classic password authentication, support requirements for forgotten passwords and other risks are reduced.

Easy to use and install

The Linchpin Mobile App is available for download in the iOS-AppStore and the Google PlayStore for Android, the corresponding Confluence plugin will be available soon in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Get access now to an evaluation license through the end of 2017 for Linchpin Mobile for yourself and your team – You can find all information in our Knowledge base. Then log on to our demo instance via the app or even your company instance.

You want to distribute Linchpin Mobile in your company via a Mobile Device Management System? No problem. We support the common MDM solutions and assist you during rollout.

Expertise in the entire Mobile project

With //SEIBERT/MEDIA as a project partner, mobile projects not only have comparatively very short throughput times, they also come from a single source.

We give you the opportunity for an exclusive test with a //SEIBERT/MEDIA consultant and get an interactive insight into the Linchpin Mobile App. Get a better understanding of the app as well as the current state of development and learn about the benefits of Linchpin Mobile for your company. Just contact us and arrange a free appointment for your personal demo session.

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