What is Linchpin?

The flexible intranet solution based on Confluence, the leading collaboration software.

Leading collaboration platform

Linchpin brings together the needs of employees and teams with management objectives in a modern and flexible social intranet solution. Using Confluence as the technical foundation in combination with Linchpin extensions, extensive personalization and a customized design to match your corporate identity. The platform meets the requirements of a classic intranet as well as those of Intranet 2.0.

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Advantages at a glance

When you choose Linchpin, you can count on low project costs, a secure and easy-to-use intranet system, and a project partner with extensive experience.

Low project costs

Linchpin is available for 25 or more users. Costs are calculated on a fixed price basis and consist of services tailored to your needs (consulting, workshops, conception, customization, design, programming) and license fees for the software components, which vary depending on the Confluence license tier. If you already own a Confluence license or licenses for any app that is included in the Linchpin suite, the costs will be deducted from the total price.

The software costs detailed include Confluence and all apps in the Linchpin suite. Confluence licenses and Linchpin’s required apps must be renewed after 12 months if you want to continue to be eligible for support (50% of the initial license price).

Maximum security

There are no SaaS components, you can run the entire platform behind your own IT infrastructure behind a firewall. The strong built-in authorization concept protects sensitive information in the intranet effectively at all times.

Achieve the highest level of data security by

… operating Linchpin on your servers behind your firewall.
… taking advantage of the mature authorization concept.
… effectively protecting content at the space and page level with granular approvals for users and user groups.
… receiving regular and frequent software updates for Confluence and all Linchpin components.
…. running the Linchpin suite as a clustered system.

Simple operation

There are many cumbersome and complicated intranets. And many people agree that this is why few people actively use these systems. Linchpin is streamlined, straightforward and intuitive, and is developed directly from insights gained from user experience research – it is an intranet that enables users to achieve their goals effectively and quickly, to be productive and to enjoy working with the system.

Achieve high acceptance through …

… the outstanding usability.
… the excellent and intuitive rich text editor.
… personalized content.
… the customized visual appearance.
… the familiar navigation structure.

Comprehensive expertise

With //SEIBERT/MEDIA as a project partner, our customers’ intranet projects not only are up and running quickly, we are also with you ever step of the way – from consulting and conception to UX design, visual design and professional programming with iteratively delivered results. And even after delivery, we won’t leave you stranded and will gladly support you with tailor-made launch strategies.

//SEIBERT/MEDIA are experts

  • Delivering projects since 1996, with more than 100 employees today.
  • Clients: 60% of DAX companies and hundreds of other companies.
  • Numerous project references in organisations with up to 55,000 employees.

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System comparison

Linchpin competes on the intranet market with many established top dogs and even more young, modern solutions. The systems are often developed with entirely different priorities. Basically, experience shows: companies should not assume that there is only one solution for their situation.

The agony of choice

Many tools will work well. There is never one solution that beats all others in all aspects. And there is certainly no platform which offers all of the features that are on the evaluation teams’ checklists: Any one solution will definitely miss some features. But often, the absence of non-crucial features disqualify entire platforms.

Checklists may look like an objective comparison, but they will not provide the best solution for your employees. Instead of focusing on features that are rarely used in reality, your evaluation team should focus on the specific needs of your organization: collaboration, sharing knowledge, group communication, business processes.

Intranet Compass: established, independent, practice-oriented comparison

The ongoing study Intranet Compass supports evaluation teams approach their task holistically, without ignoring functionality: it scientifically proven, independent and is realistic about how intranets are used.

The Intranet Compass is continuously updated by Prof. Dr. Karsten Wendland from the University of Applied Sciences Aalen, the Steinbeis Institute and provider-independent intranet consultants.

Intranet Compass

Criteria used by the Intranet Compass

These categories have emerged from product pitches and many other intranet studies. Overall, the comparison is based on a list of 50 criteria. These include:

  • Overarching philosophy and type of software
  • Purposes
  • Commercial criteria
  • Use cases
  • Usability
  • Communication
  • Office requirements and collaboration
  • Community and networking
  • Applications
  • Infrastructure and integration