Linchpin is rich on features. A lot of sophisticated features ensure that your Social Intranet covers numerous applications, supports your employees at the best with cooperation and effective information flows channeled.

Easy collaboration

Linchpin supports employees in effective collaboration on content. Created pages can quickly and easily be shared with other eligible users. Whether a quick feedback or a detailed comment – all discussion takes place directly within context.

Create work spaces

In Linchpin, content is stored in “areas” that can contain as many pages and sub-pages as you wish. These areas can be for teams, departments, products, special themes, etc. For each of these areas, access rights can be controlled individually and very granularly.

Share pages

Users can share intranet pages easily with other users and alert them to interesting content. The recipients are automatically notified.

Communicate via microblogs

Microblogging is the latest trend for companies too. Linchpin comes with a sophisticated microblogging feature and seamlessly integrates social media features into the social intranet – features like those on Twitter and Facebook. This promotes fast and easy central communication and makes ideas, feedback, and discussions more visible and transparent.

Bundle notifications centrally

Linchpin offers numerous forms of automated notifications; e.g. messages on content changes, comments on your own content, notifications from your personal network, etc. All users can define in the system what kinds of notifications they wish to receive. Users can also opt to only have their notifications bundled directly in the system as in-app notifications (WorkBox).

Post comments

Users can leave comments on all Linchpin pages. Discussions are clearly displayed in thread form. It is even possible to add integrated images and files like PDFs to inline comments.

‘Like’ content

Linchpin offers a “Like” feature for providing quick feedback on intranet content and microblog entries – feedback for helpful content “on the fly.”

Watch and subscribe to content

A user can subscribe to any spaces and pages in the intranet, to which he or she has access to, and will automatically be notified of any changes.

Protection against simultaneous editing

Linchpin offers effective protection against simultaneous editing in order to avoid possible version conflicts and double work. If another user is already editing a page that another user wants to edit, a prominent warning message is displayed.

Versioning and revision security

All work on content in Linchpin is transparent. Each time an intranet page is edited, the system automatically records and documents it. Users can assign changes and compare them with one another. If necessary, a previous version of a page can be restored with a click of a button.

Colleague search

The colleague search in Linchpin allows searching for colleagues with specific search criteria and profile characteristics, such as expertise, project experience, or department. The search will take you directly to the profile of the respective colleague.

Define workflows

Linchpin lets you establish flexible editorial workflows with steps for review, approval and assigning tasks. It also generates automatic reports. For this, we provide the Comala workflow extension on request.

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Customization and flow of information

Every employee has a personalized homepage on the Linchpin intranet that is customized to meet their needs. This is where all their news comes together and where they access tools for their daily work. From here, users can navigate to the content relevant to them.

Read & publish company news

Linchpin lets management provide company news that is automatically displayed on the user’s homepage. This can be set as global news for all employees or custom news based on certain profile attributes, e.g., location.

Create custom news streams

You can add as many news channels as you like on a Linchpin intranet, e.g., for individual departments, content areas, etc. Users can assemble their own customized news stream from these channels based on their personal interests and integrate it into their intranet homepage.

Create personalized navigation menus

Linchpin offers global navigation menus in the intranet for greater efficiency, quick access to relevant content and improved employee mobilization. Integrating control functions familiar from internet use makes this possible. These menus can be customized for different user groups, e.g. specific to country or location.

Define enhanced user profiles

Linchpin’s enhanced user profiles form the basis for customizing the user experience and performing company-wide advanced searches. You are free to define what information the employee’s user profile should and must provide. Automatically generated organization charts display their hierarchical position in the company or team.

Access apps centrally

The Linchpin homepage becomes the cockpit for daily work. Users can integrate links, important applications, systems and websites to their homepage with a click. These links are directly accessible via small icons like the ones for smartphone apps.

Add favorites

Linchpin offers a “Favorites” feature so that users can quickly access pages that are particularly important and interesting to them. These personal favorites are accessible to the user anywhere at the click of a button and are useful shortcuts for accessing content.

Control profile-dependent languages

With the aid of Linchpin extensions, you can customize all content and its language based on the user’s profile settings. This means you can provide users an intranet portal in their own language based on their location.

Set up RSS feeds

RSS feeds allow to subscribe to content from various sources. Linchpin comes with a comfortable RSS-Feed-Builder, that can be adjusted to individual requirements.

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Excellent Usability

Pages can be created or edited intuitively with Linchpin. Content such as images, tables, videos, etc. can easily be uploaded and placed on a page. The suite comes with many additional functions that simplify your daily work.

Creating content with a click

Linchpin helps employees effectively collaborate on content. This is why the button for creating content in the intranet is accessible from everywhere. With a single click, users can select from various page templates and immediately call up information.

Format content with the rich-text editor

The Linchpin editor offers an intuitive user experience when creating and editing content. With all the basic word processing functions, the editor supports numerous formatting and page layouts, tables, images, integrated PDFs and files and multimedia content. What you see really is what you get.

File management and attachments

The editor supports file formats such as Office, PDF and others superbly. Attachments can be uploaded using drag & drop and are directly accessible on the intranet pages. Attached files and their content are automatically indexed by the search engine and can be found in the system at any time.

Page templates

When creating an intranet page, the user can choose from an array of practical page templates for specific purposes. These templates reduce a lot of work on the user’s end. For example, planning meetings, preparing events, documenting retrospectives and creating requirement lists, etc.

Exporting and printing content

Linchpin is designed so employees can quickly print documents when they need a hard copy. This way many documents in the intranet can be processed together and the need to use Office software is reduced. Pages can also be exported as a PDF or Word file with the click of a button.

Create and embed diagrams

Depending on customer requirements, we integrate the draw.io plug-in that adds powerful diagramming functions to the editor. All kinds of diagrams can be directly integrated into any intranet page via an intuitive interface: flow charts, network diagrams, organization charts, UML diagrams, mind maps and much more.

Use keyboard shortcuts

Whoever works frequently on an intranet is always looking for ways to be more efficient. These power users benefit from the many useful shortcuts for key functions. These shortcuts let you create, edit or save a page without having to reach for the mouse.

Content Search

Search in Linchpin allows you to effectively find the desired content, even in large intranets. Quick Search with autocomplete is accessible from anywhere and often times leads directly to the desired content. The extended search offers additional filters, in order to limit the search based on type of content, location, creator and other criteria. The search function includes attachments.

Apply tags

Use tagging for categorizing content in Linchpin. Tags can easily be added and removed. Existing tags are displayed as suggestions when entering, thus creating context and additional opportunities to find content.

Collaborate via mobile devices

Linchpin comes with a mobile theme which optimizes the intranet for smartphones. Users have access to all page content, in-app notifications, news, activity streams, favorites, search and their personal network.

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