What is Linchpin?

Linchpin and implementation projects from A to Z

Intranet based on Confluence

Linchpin combines employee and team needs with the goals of management in a modern, flexible social intranet solution. The platform meets the requirements of a classic intranet and of Intranet 2.0. This is accomplished with Confluence as the technological basis combined with Linchpin add-ons and customer-specific customizations.

Finally, a modern intranet solution

Linchpin was developed for larger-sized companies and their specific communication needs. The platform is a lean, modern and functional alternative to the established software solutions that dominate the intranet market. All this at a significantly lower price and with less technical complexity. Linchpin has proven itself in globally operating companies with tens of thousands of employees and in medium-sized organizations. It is ready for business. You can do a free trial in advance at anytime and start a pilot project with us.

Social intranet based on Atlassian Confluence

The Confluence collaboration software was developed by the Australian provider Atlassian and is one of the most popular business applications for team collaboration in the world. Linchpin complements Confluence's functions by meeting the key requirements companies have for intranets. Linchpin combines both approaches in a system where employees can work together smoothly but also fulfills the traditional intranet requirements.

Why Linchpin?

  • Seamless combination of top-down communication ("Intranet 1.0") and a modern social intranet
  • Reduced complexity because users can customize their experience according to their language, location and department
  • Proper collaboration and effective knowledge management system with one of the most sophisticated and user-friendly collaboration systems on the market
  • An excellent editor lets users easily create and edit content with complete multimedia support. What you see is really what you get.
  • Deeply integrated social features such as microblogging, profile pages, advanced search functionality, sharing, "Liking," comments, etc.
  • Flexible integration of other company applications that employees use daily
  • Significant savings on license fees in comparison with other intranet solutions like SharePoint, Jive, etc.

Test Linchpin for free

Ask for your own demo version and click yourself through the Linchpin instance.

Software Design

The foundation of the Linchpin suite is built on Atlassian Confluence, one of the most successful and popular business applications and collaboration solutions in the world. But Confluence by itself is not a fully-fledged intranet system and does not aspire to be one. It focuses on modern team collaboration (Intranet 2.0) and not on corporate requirements for intranets (Intranet 1.0).

Building blocks for a modern social intranet

Our Linchpin solution combines both approaches and uses plug-ins to turn the excellent Confluence base into a proper social intranet where employees can work together smoothly but also meets traditional intranet requirements.

The third building block is an individual theme based on a company's corporate design. This not only improves the usability of the system in critical areas but also increases acceptance among employees and promotes their identification with the application.

Linchpin core system

The native Linchpin core system comprises the following extensions:

  • Theme archetype
  • Custom user profile
  • Navigation menu editor
  • News feeds
  • App store
  • Microblogging for Confluence
  • Edit Lock
  • Terms of Use
  • Easy Events
  • Duplicate Content Defender
  • Profile Based Content
  • Extranet

Additional add-ons

Furthermore, additional plug-ins can add valuable and important functions to your Linchpin intranet for even better collaboration. In addition to Linchpin's core extensions, we also recommend the following extensions:

  • draw.io (diagrams on the intranet)
  • Comala Worflows
  • Advanced Tables
  • Archiving Plugin
  • Redaction
  • SU
  • Easy Forms
  • Team Calendars

Features of the Linchpin suite

No intranet platform can meet every application requirement right out of the box. This is why Linchpin pursues the approach of effectively supporting your core objectives: collaboration, knowledge management and effective internal communication. And its functionality can be expanded at any time.

Intuitive rich text content editor

The editor provides a genuine "What you see is what you get" kind of intuitive, user-friendly experience when creating and editing content. It requires no technical expertise and offers all basic word processing functions as well as numerous structuring/formatting options and the option to easily integrate tables, diagrams, images, multimedia content and files into pages.

Employee search and enhanced user profiles

Linchpin offers a sophisticated contact search feature available from everywhere in the intranet via a separate input box. After entering a keyword, a list of the colleagues you searched for appears sorted by relevance. Clicking on a person takes you to their comprehensive profile page containing their information such as contact info, skills and main focus of work and includes an organization chart.

Professional news concept

On the one hand, Linchpin lets companies display "must see news" to employees via the intranet: custom top-down management news based on user profile attributes (e.g. location or language). On the other hand, users can create individual news streams on their personal intranet homepages filled with content relevant to them.

Fully integrated social features

Linchpin means social intranet. The social features many users are familiar with from their daily web use not only promote quick feedback, they also enhance the user experience and encourage employee participation: microblogs for straightforward central communication and features similar to those from Twitter and Facebook, a "Like" button, comments in thread form, a share function and @mentions.

Faster loading times

Large intranets are known for being slow and clumsy. Linchpin is different because it is used by companies with tens of thousands of employees. And we guarantee that your intranet will not slow down your employees. From extensive, multi-level caching to periodic stress tests, our system administrators work hand-in-hand with your IT department to provide you with a truly fast system.

Personalized navigation menus and homepages

Well-structured, clean and personalized. Based on the user's profile settings (language, location, department, etc.), Linchpin customizes the main navigation menu and certain sections of the homepage. This enables you to provide customized content to all your employees while maintaining full control over the flow of information at all times.

Integration of important company applications

For most employees, your intranet will be only one of many applications. But by cleverly integrating other software systems, Linchpin becomes the cockpit for daily tasks. Users can add links to important web applications to their homepage and access them via small icons at anytime - just like with smartphone apps. Single sign-on is in the works.

Granular security concept

Linchpin promotes a culture of collaboration and prevents information bottlenecks. But every company must treat certain information carefully. The granular permission concept gives you the option to limit access to individual intranet pages or entire content areas at any time via a convenient interface (read/write permission, restrictions on user groups and individual users).

Intranet with your company design

An intranet should look like part of the company and not look like a foreign object in the system landscape. When an employee logs in, they should know where they are. Linchpin will provide you with a theme in your corporate design and further customize it to meet your needs by removing and/or adding specific elements.

Better mobile access

The world has become mobile, but intranets still lag behind in this area. Linchpin adds a mobile component to your intranet and offers special themes for smartphones and tablets that take into account the characteristic features and special applications of mobile use.

Advantages at a glance

Low project costs

Linchpin is available starting at 25+ licenses. Costs are calculated based on a fixed price and cover customer-specific services (consultation, workshops, conception, customization, design, programming) and licensing fees for software components and vary depending on the number of Confluence licenses. If you already own a Confluence license or licenses for plug-ins associated with the suite, the costs will be deducted from the total price.

The software costs are for Confluence and all plug-ins part of the Linchpin suite.After 12 months, the Confluence licenses and desired plug-ins must be renewed if you wish to continue receiving support (50% of the initial license fees).


Large companies

Corporate groups

from $40,000

including $6,800 for licenses

Linchpin offers expanding small and medium-sized companies a financially attractive gateway to a comprehensive, scalable social intranet. The number of licenses can be adjusted later, as needed.

from $76,000

including $20,400 for licenses

Large organizations with between 500 and 10,000 intranet users...


including $40,800 for licenses

For corporate groups with more than 10,000 intranet users, the costs for the Linchpin introduction project are capped, even if your organization employs tens of thousands of employees all over the world.

Maximum security

There are no SaaS components. You can operate the complete platform on your own IT infrastructure behind a firewall. The powerful native permissions concept lets you effectively protect sensitive information on the intranet at all times.

The highest possible security:

  • Run on your own server behind a firewall
  • Sophisticated permissions concept for the software
  • Effective protection of content at the area and page level with granular approval at the user/user group level
  • Periodic and frequent software updates for Confluence and all Linchpin components
  • Option for clustered operation

Simple operation

There are many cumbersome, complicated intranets out there. And many share the problem that hardly anyone works with the systems for this reason. Linchpin is lean, straightforward and intuitive. It was developed taking into consideration the knowledge from user experience research. It is an intranet that lets users effectively and quickly reach their goals, work productively but is also a pleasure to work with.

High acceptance due to:

  • Excellent usability
  • Outstanding, intuitive rich text editor
  • Personalized content
  • Customized appearance
  • Familiar navigation structure

Expertise over the entire course of the project

In comparison, intranet projects with //SEIBERT/MEDIA have very short turnaround times and also come from a single source. We assist you on your project from consultation and design for user experience design (UXD) and visual design to professional, iterative programming. And we won't abandon you after final delivery. We will gladly help you devise a tailored roll-out strategy.


  • Prototype after 14 days
  • Pilot operation after 8 weeks
  • Productive use after 3-6 months


  • Experienced interdisciplinary development teams
  • Functional product versions after each iteration
  • Fast response to requirement changes


  • Roll-out with almost no training
  • Effective strategies for employee mobilization
  • Consultation expertise for changing your organization or its culture

Your project partners

Confluence developer Atlassian

  • An innovator since 2002 with 1,400 employees
  • Over 50,000 customers, 85%of which are Fortune 100 companies, more than 10 million users
  • Marketplace with 600 Confluence extensions
More about Atlassian Confluence

Project service provider //SEIBERT/MEDIA

  • Experience in the industry since 1996 with over 100 employees
  • Customers: 60% of DAX companies and hundreds of other companies
  • Numerous project references in organizations with up to 55,000 employees
More about //SEIBERT/MEDIA

System comparison

Linchpin competes on the intranet market with many established top dogs and even more young, modern solutions. The systems are often set with whole different priorities. Basically, experience shows: companies should not assume that there is only one solution. Many tools will work well. There is not the solution that beats all others in all aspects. And there is certainly no platform which offers all necessary features that are on checklists of evaluation teams: Any solution will definitely miss features.

The agony of choice

Many tools will work well. There is not the solution that beats all others in all aspects. And there is certainly no platform which offers all necessary features that are on checklists of evaluation teams: Any solution will definitely miss features. Nevertheless, the absence of non-crucial features boost out whole platforms.

This has the appearance of objectivity, but will not provide the best solution for employees. Instead of focusing on (in reality rarely used) these features the evaluation team should focalize on the specific needs of their organization: for example collaboration, sharing knowledge, group communication, business processes.

Intranet Compass: established, independent, practice-oriented comparison

The study Intranet Compass supports evaluation teams in this holistic view, without ignoring the functions: scientifically profound, independent and overlooking the use of reality.

Criteria that covers the Intranet Compass:

  • Cross-Philosophy and Art of Software
  • Purposes
  • commercial criteria
  • Use cases
  • Usability
  • Communication
  • Office and Cooperation
  • Community and Networking
  • Applications
  • Infrastructure and Integration

These categories have emerged from various pitches and other studies. Overall, the comparison is based on a list of 50 criteria.

About Intranet Compass

The study Intranet Compass is performed by Prof. Dr. Karsten Wendland from the University of Applied Sciences Aalen, the Steinbeis Institute and provider-independent intranet consultants.

Intranet Compass