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Confluence-based Intranet

Fully personalized communication hub

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The personal intranet

Linchpin offers your employees a fully personalized user experience with the best conditions for productive teamwork, efficient creation and acquisition of information and structured knowledge management. All this from an intranet that connects and inspires.

Intranet, that connects

Linchpin is a fully developed and efficient social intranet platform that focuses on effective collaboration and reduces complexity by means of user-specific customization. It covers both the requirements of users and the needs of management. On the one hand, it is an intuitive, straight-forward collaboration system that promotes modern, autonomous teamwork. On the other hand, it is a systematic knowledge management system that controls information flows. And all this with maximum security, excellent scalability, and a transparent, inexpensive fixed-price model for introduction projects.

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Atlassian Confluence

The solid foundation of the Linchpin suite is provided by Atlassian Confluence, one of the world’s most successful and popular business applications and collaboration solutions. Confluence alone is not a fully-fledged intranet system and does not try to be one. Its focus is purely on modern team collaboration (Intranet 2.0) and not on corporate requirements for intranets (Intranet 1.0).

Technical enhancements

Linchpin combines both approaches and makes the excellent basis of Confluence into a real social intranet with the help of our in-house developed apps. This lets employees work together seamlessly and also covers the classical corporate requirements of an intranet.

Extensive personalization

Based on settings within a user’s profile (language, location, department, etc.), Linchpin adjusts the main navigation and certain parts on the user’s personal homepage. With this, you can deliver specially tailored content to all employees. You have complete control over the flow of information via editorial channels and processes.

Corporate design

With Linchpin you get a customized theme matching your company’s corporate design. This not only significantly improves the user-friendliness of the system, but also increases acceptance among employees and helps them identify with the application.

Test Linchpin for free

Ask for your own demo version and click yourself through the Linchpin instance.

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System comparisons

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Price models

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Intranet introduction

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System integration

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